Computer Networks and Security Viva Questions - SPPU

CNS Viva Questions

What is PING command? why we use PING command

What are types of cables?

What is twisted pair cables, coaxial cables and fiber optic cables?

What is difference between straight through cable and cross over

What is command to find IP address? How you find IP address of your

What is RJ45? What is use of RJ 45?

What we required for LAN setup?

What is difference between LAN MAN and WAN? With example.

What are different types of topologies you know? Explain each topology with advantage and disadvantages?

Which topology is best? Why?

What is CRC?

Why we use CRC?

How we perform CRC? Solve any example

Why we use flow control protocol?

What are types of flow control protocols?

What is sliding window protocol?

Differentiate stop and wait and sliding window protocol?

What is the size of IP (logical) address and MAC address (Physical address)?

What are the classes of IP address?

What are ranges of class A, B, C, D, and E?

What is subnetting? and why we perform subnetting?

What is subnet mask?

Explain static routing and dynamic routing

What is distance vector routing, link state routing and path vector routing algorithms?

What are different types of routing protocols?

Explain RIP, OSPF, BGP, MPLS protocols

What is socket programming?

What is port no? what is the range of port no.? what is the well known port no.?

Explain TCP in details?

What is UDP protocols?

What is full form of TCP and UDP?

Differentiate TCP and UDP?

What are the applications of TCP and UDP?

List protocol that are used in Transport layer?

What is URL?

What is DNS protocol protocol?

Why we use DNS protocol?

What is DHCP protocol?

Why we use DHCP protocol?

List protocol that are used in Application layer?

What is HTTP and HTTPS?

What is used of HTTP and HTTPS protocol?

What is FTP protocol? Why we use FTP protocol?

Which port no. used by HTTP and HTTPS?

What is SSL protocol? Details of SSL protocol?

Which websites you visit that are use SSL protocol?

What is IPsec protocol?

Why we use IP sec protocol?

What is ESP and AH protocol?

What is network?

What are layers of OSI reference model? Explain function of each OSI layers?

What are layers of TCP/IP model?

Explain all networking devices? (Bridge, Switch, Router, Gateway, Access Point)

Differentiate OSI reference model and TCP/IP model?

Which protocols are used in Application layer, transport layer, network layer, data link layer?

What is ASCII stands for?

What is IEEE stands for?

What is different sublayer of data link layer

Explain all datalink layer protocols

Explain IEEE standards?

Explain switching techniques?

Differentiate IPv4 and IPv6 protocol?

What are classes of IP?

What is subnetting, Network Address Translation, CIDR?

What is ARP, RARP, ICMP and IGMP?

Explain routing algorithms?

Explain routing protocols?

Explain Routing in MANET?

Explain socket programming?

Explain TCP, UDP, SCTP, RTP protocol?

What is different protocol are used to send and receive mail? Explain?

Explain TELNET, DHCP, and SNMP protocol?

What is plaintext and cipher text?

What is symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography

What is public and private key?

What is difference between threats and vulnerabilities?

Explain IPsec, SSL, HTTPS, S/MIME protocols?

What are IDS and firewalls?

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