SPOS MCQ With Answer - 2




1. Reloadable programs ________ .

1. cannot be used with fixed partitions
2. can be loaded almost anywhere in memory
3. do not need a linker
4. can be loaded only at one specific location

2. Paging ________

1. solves the memory fragmentation problem
2. allows modular programming
3. allows structured programming
4. avoids deadlock

3. __________ was proposed by Dijkstra in 1965 which is a very significant technique to manage concurrent processes by using a simple integer value

1. Critical Section
2. Race condition
3. Preemption
4. Semaphore

4. ________ is not the category of operating system's task.

1. Memory management
2. File management
3. Virus Protection
4. Process management

5. ________ indicates size of the page table

1. Associative memory
2. Translation look-aside buffers
3. Page-table base register (PTBR)
4. Page-table length register (PTLR)

6. _______ contains the address of the memory location that is to read from or stored into

1. Memory address registers
2. Memory buffer register
3. General register
4. Memory controller

7. Round robin scheduling is

1. Non-preemptive scheduling
2. Preemptive scheduling
3. All of the mentioned
4. None of the mentioned

8. The advantages of Direct Link Libraries is/ are:

1. Code Shring
2. Automatic Updation
3. Security
4. All Of Above

9. A Blocked or Waiting process can move to Ready State.

1. True
2. False

10. Medium-term scheduler called as process swapping scheduler

Lazy Swapper
Job Scheduler
process swapping scheduler
None of Above

11. The assembler stores all the names and their corresponding values in

1. Special purpose Register
2. Symbol Table
3. Pool Table
4. None of above

12. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of using shared, dynamically linked libraries as compared to statically linked libraries?

1. Smaller sizes of executable
2. Lesser overall page fault rate in the system
3. Faster program start-up
4. Existing programs need not be re-linked to take advantage of newer versions

13. Claim edge converts to request edge when a process requests a resource

1. True
2. False

14. ___________ is a special cache used to keep track of recently used transactions

1. Translation Look-Aside Buffer
2. Main Memory
3. Page Table
4. Segment Table

15. Scheduling Objectives is/are

1. Maximize the number of interactive users within acceptable response times.
2. Achieve a balance between response and utilization.
3. Avoid indefinite postponement and enforce priorities.
4. All of Above

16. What is FIFO algorithm?

1. first executes the job that came in last in the queue
2. first executes the job that came in first in the queue
3. first executes the job that needs minimal processor
4. first executes the job that has maximum processor needs

17. A semaphore uses two atomic operations, _______ and _________ for process synchronization.

1. Wait and Run
2. Signal and Run
3. Signal and Exit
4. Wait and Signal

18. Assembly language is often termed as?

1. Low level language
2. Middle level language
3. High level language
4. None of the above

19. A program is a collection of __________.

1. Pages
2. Segments
3. Macro
4. Subroutines

20. Convoy Effect is associated with the __________ algorithm.

1. First Come First Serve
2. Shortest Job First
3. Priority Scheduling
4. Round Robin Scheduling

21. If the resources are always preempted from the same process __________ can occur

1. deadlock
2. system crash
3. aging
4. starvation

22. A solution to the problem of External fragmentation is ____________.

1. compaction
2. larger memory space
3. smaller memory space
4. none of the mentioned

23. MDT is used to store ________ .

1. Formal parameters and index numbers
2. Actual parameters and index numbers
3. Macro name and MDTP
4. Definition of the Macro

24. Absolute Loader Demands that programmer must need to know the

1. Start Address of the Available main memory
2. Total Size of the Program
3. Actual address of the Data Location
4. Absolute values of oprands tused

25. Which is the Advanced Assembler Directive?

2. EQU
4. All of the above

26. Run time mapping from virtual to physical address is done by ____________

1. Memory management unit
2. CPU
3. PCI
4. None of the mentioned

27. External fragmentation will not occur when?

1. first fit is used
2. best fit is used
3. worst fit is used
4. no matter which algorithm is used, it will always occur

28. If a process is executing in its critical section, then no other processes can be executing in their critical section. What is this condition called?

1. mutual exclusion
2. critical exclusion
3. synchronous exclusion
4. asynchronous exclusion

29. A Condition or a situation when the system is spending a major portion of its time in servicing the page faults, but the actual processing done is very negligible

1. Paging
2. Swapping
3. Thrashing
4. Deadlock

30. An imperative statement in ASM language is _________ .

1. Reserves areas of memory and associates names with them
2. Indicates an action to be performed during execution of assembled program
3. Indicates an action to be performed during optimization
4. None of the above

31. The process of modifying the address used in the address sensitive instructions of a program such that the program can execute correctly from the designated area of memory is called as ________

1. Allocation
2. Relocation
3. Linking
4. Segmentation

32. Context switching time is minimized by Creating Threads

1. True
2. False

33. Corresponding Machine Code is written only once in a memory when using _______.

1. Macro
2. Procedure
3. Subroutine
4. Process

34. An edge from process Pi to Pj in a wait for graph indicates that ____________

1. Pi is waiting for Pj to release a resource that Pi needs
2. Pj is waiting for Pi to release a resource that Pj needs
3. Pi is waiting for Pj to leave the system
4. Pj is waiting for Pi to leave the system

35. A monitor is a module that encapsulates __________

1. shared data structures
2. procedures that operate on shared data structure
3. synchronization between concurrent procedure invocation
4. all of the mentioned

36. Which of the following is not the state of a process?

1. New
2. Old
3. Waiting
4. Running

37. An assembler is machine dependent , because of

1. Macro Definition Table
2. Pseudo Operation Table
3. Argument List Array
4. Mnemonics operation Table

38. A solution to the producer – consumer problem satisfy the following condition/s

1. When buffer is full, producer must wait. Producer do not produce data item
2. When buffer is empty, consumer must wait.
3. Mutual exclusion is required for accessing the buffer.
4. All Of Above

39. The page table contains ____________

1. base address of each page in physical memory
2. page offset
3. page size
4. none of the mentioned

40. A Simple Two Pass Assembler does which of the following in the first pass.

1. Checks to see if the instructions are legal in the Current assembly code
2. It Allocates Space For Literals
3. It builds the Symbol Table For the Symbols and their values
4. All of These

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